Caernarfon Airport

Fuel Facilities & Fees



Fuelling Facilities:– AVGAS 100LL– JET A1 (PRESSURED)

Current Fuel Prices:

– AVGAS – £1.76 per litre inc VAT

– JET A1 – £0.81 per litre inc VAT

Prices are correct at the date of posting.
Last Updated (01/02/2017)

Rotors Running Re-fuels are available for Emergency Helicopter & Military Helicopter Movements Only (Subject to staff availability)

Our JET-A1 fuel system is able to accommodate helicopters of all sizes, with high pressure attachment and the capability of delivering fuel with AL48 De-Icing.



When some or all of the Jet A1 fuel purchased is to be used for private pleasure flying the following customer deceleration is required.

“I declare that some or all of the kerosene purchased is to be used for private pleasure-flying. I am aware that on the quantity of kerosene used for private pleasure-flying, I have a legal obligation to pay HM Revenue and Customs an amount equal to the rebate allowable on a like quantity of kerosene at the times of this declaration.”


Fixed Wing Landing Fees:

Microlight Aircraft:  Weekday – £10.00 / Weekend & Bank Holidays – £15.00

Single Piston Engine Aircraft:  Weekday – £15.00 / Weekend & Bank Holidays – £20.00

Twin Piston Engined Aircraft: Weekday – £25.00 / Weekend & Bank Holidays – £30.00


For further information, call 01286 830800