Caernarfon Airport

Airplane Pleasure Flight

Routes & Prices

£49 per person   – Caernarfon Castle1211
£69 per person   – Snowdon & Caernarfon Castle
£79 per person   – The Castles & Puffin Island
£99 per person   – Lleyn Peninsula
£99 per person   – Llandudno & Conway Castle
Or why not tailor your own flight? Give us a call for a quote..

Flights are based on a minimum of 2 passengers per flight.. 1210

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. – How do I book a flight?
A. – To book a flight, call 01286 830800 and allow 2-3 days notice.

Q. – What if the weather isn’t suitable?
A. – Give us a call on the morning of your flight, we are open from 08:30.  That way we can check the weather and make sure it’s suitable for your flight.1212

Q. – What should i wear for my flight?
A. – You will not need to wear any specific clothing, the conditionsinside the aircraft are very similar to the conditions inside the car.

Q. – What do i need to bring with me?
A. – If you have been given a gift voucher for a flight, please remember to bring it.Camera’s are also permitted so you are more than welcome to bring one with you

Q. – Are there any discounts for children?
A. – Prices are per seat (adult or child)